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It was in the distant 1902 that we began to write the history of the automobile competition in Portugal. Over one hundred years of motor sport passed, which has put our country on the top of the automotive competition, especially for the excellence of organized events.

When, in Portugal, we break records of electricity production, generated through renewable sources, it is time to open a new chapter in motor racing history, with the first competition being held for electric cars.

The Classic Clube de Portugal, decided to start writing the future, in an ambitious bid where he proposed to the FIA the organization of the 1st Portugal Eco Rally, integrated in the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship 2018.



We will, have in Portugal the fourth event of this championship, on the 9 and 10 of June. It will be a competition played in regularity with two days, and a total of 372 kilometres, where we will dispute nine special stages, with 140 kilometres.

Let´s make our contribution to the sustainability of the planet, our children deserve this work.


Paulo Almeida
Organising Committee President



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